Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Release from Nymphetamine Boutique

Continuing to show the new release of the most famous and fashionable stores on SL. I would like to present the nice clothes Paeoti Pomeray creates for her Nymphetamine Boutique. This week she just releases two new nice items. I particularly love the “embroidered” detail of the sleeve.



Madison Dress with optional Formal ADD-On skirt was inspired by her close friend Madison Donnelly. Where old world meets new and sweet melts into sexy in an ever daring yet provocative way Madison can help you go from a simple night on the salsa balls right into a formal ballroom swishing and twirling your way into those romantic sunset evenings.

And CAGED comes in two different sets, a bodysuit set or a halter set, each for $250.


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