Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Déjà vu - June 2008 –

The Déjà vu - June 2008 - is now available with very nice articles. So don’t lose reading it Deja vu international

Front page photography by Cicciuzzo Gausman


This time I made two articles with the help of Liane Maertens, Dodd Roff, Strapasson Kidd, Raffaello Robbiani, Gutta Teichmann and Sennaspirit Coronet. Without them would be impossible to make the articles. I want to thank you all for the inestimable work you all did.

One of the articles is about an interview with Annacarol Benazzi, the “Olimpo girl 2008”. The Olimpo girl is a model contest in Brasil Rio Island that Annacarol won. But the article is not only an interview. This is an article about first experience. Normally we get confuse, impatient and stressed when doing things you never did before. Well, Second life as a simulator can help us if used to get a background experience for our life.


The second article is an erotic poem (short story) from Strapasson Kidd the SECRET GARDEN and the great photography from Sennaspirit Coronet and my model poses, lol!!!!!

“I feel your perfume blinding my senses,
Involving me,
Seducing me,
Driving me helpless to you.”

This month the magazine is out of this world. You can also read these fine articles:


Casa Del Shai from Jewell Munro great pictures from Cicciuzzo Gausman, interviewing Shai Delacroix.


Baby’s Day out From Robi Tairov about baby’s hospital of Rowanda Simons.


Jano Runo is a RL and SL composer and singer interviewed in this great article from Antonella Munro. You can hear his nice music here.


Food and Yoga for your health and pleasure.


Robi Tairov interview the nice, fashion and adorable Kaitlin Peccable.


You can know more about the real life pleasant city of Valencia in the beautiful Spain. And much more you just can lose reading it. You can get an In-world magazine here.

I would like to have a feedback from my readers. This is very important for me to make better article. So please leave your comment here about my Déjà vu article.


Kaitlin Peccable said...

I am not sure I should leave a comment--I would be biased lol.But I did enjoy the magazine very much, all of it from cover to cover. I am new to the publication but found it very clever, interesting, and brilliantly put together. I was pleasantly surprised with the lay-out and content. I am truly honored to have been featured in this great magazine.

Anonymous said...

... poucas pessoas no mundo me deixam sem palavras...
e você é uma delas...
obrigado pela amizade e pelo carinho.
adoro você...
um grande beijo em sua alma

strap kidd